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Hayley Burgess

Warwickshire | England 

As a child born in the 1980s my life was slower. I had my hobbies but my down time was the garden, making up plays, dances and drawing animals.


Technological advancements brought us the internet and today my son streams any show he wants to watch at a click of the button. Life is faster, we want things now (or at least tomorrow). Fine Art has become faster too, with photographic and video developments came immersive art which allows an interactive experience for the viewer.


Printmaking allows me to step back in time, to slow down as an Artist and contemplate. 

As we move into an era of artificial intelligence and deep fake technology . The question many artists have grappled with throughout history now comes to forefront of all of our minds: “Who am I?” 


I am a mother, an animal lover, a keen walker and allotment grower. I am a day dreamer, a doodler and a realist. I am concerned with humanities environmental impact and our childrens future. 


I am also an Artist specialising in Printmaking. I started printmaking nearly twenty years ago whilst acquiring my BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I went on to develop my art practice further during my time at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, graduating with BA Fine Art. 

Evidence of the artist’s hand is present in all my work.  I use traditional printmaking methods to push my drawing practice further, often combining two or more techniques such as collagraphy, drypoint, monotype and Mokulito to produce the final print. This allows my work to evolve slowly into reflective small editions or unique monotypes and mixed media paintings.

I am mindful of my environmental impact as an Artist. I strive to use only non-toxic processes and materials to make my work.  Re-use and recycle is another key cornerstone. I make my plates from reclaimed wood, recycled plastics and re-used mount board. Where possible recycling or re-using them after use. I create work on excellent quality acid free fine art papers using lightfast, oil-based etching and relief inks.


I feel fortunate to live and work in a beautiful village in Warwickshire surrounded by fields and animals. This is reflected in my work which is largely autobiographical. I still draw animals and I use the transformative qualities of the natural environment around me as a metaphor for myself. 



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